Grow Personal Success
How To Create A Winners' Mindset

Why Attend This Online Event?

Personal Growth

Learn how with the GPS Mind Set you become UNSTOPPABLE. I went from Homeless to creating a property portfolio of just under £1 million using the Law of attraction and Think & Grow Rich universal Laws and principles. Whilst raising 2 children as a single father and running a business.

Professional Growth

Learn how with the GPS Mind Set you become SORT AFTER. I was approached by one of the biggest Colleges in South London resulting in me running a whole department with a half a million budget, with no previous experience. 

Entrepreneurial Growth

Learn how with the GPS Mind Set you become ATTRACTIVE TO INVESTORS. I raised close to 2 million pounds in funding, sponsorship and support in kind from companies like Apple, The British Army, The Home Office, The Mayors Office, Channel 4, The Arts Council, Universal Music and NatWest bank to name a few.

Hosted By Tony DADA

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