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Beverley Fray

Beverley Fray, a Money Breakthrough & Life Transformation Coach, helps career and business women to overcome self-doubt. By creating strategies and a new pathway to owning their self-worth, they can unapologetically increase their net worth and live a life that is truly aligned to their values, mission and purpose. 

Her 30+ years of expertise came from careers in banking and finance in the U.K. It has also spanned the corporate, private and the not-for-profit sectors, leading her from broking and underwriting, to advising and advocacy, through to now coaching and mentoring.

Beverley is on a mission to get women talking about money because she believes that it’s NOT just about money but 100% to do with how women holistically view themselves and how ready they are to also deep-dive into navigating change to create something far greater than they ever thought possible. 

To find more of what you are looking for, you can connect with Beverley at

Suzette Metz

Suzette's speciality is helping people regain and sustain optimum and good mental health. As a Mental Health Practitioner, Coach and Mentor, she has over 30 years’ experience of working in  Job Centres and for the NHS, focusing on Employment Support, Equality and Diversity helping people to develop confidence, a positive attitude and so much more.


Her unique style has won her awards as an Employment Specialist supporting people who have poor mental health gain and sustain employment. She's helped them to overcome barriers to employment, become confident and inclusive members of society.  


Suzette is now on a mission to use her skills to empower and support people from the wider community outside of the Job Centre and NHS, with a particular focus on black men. Her Mission is to help these individuals to develop in all areas of their lives, identifying their purpose and growing their personal vision of success. 


This is achieved through helping clients move from unemployment to employment/self-employment. Her goal is to continue changing thousands of lives and celebrating the positive impact, difference and transformation that this makes.


In her passion to support those with disabilities, Suzette acts as Chair of the CIC A2iDyslexia, a UK based company. She also runs her own projects and workshops in the health and employment sector. 


Suzette is the mother of two adult children; she loves to travel as well as socialising with family and friends.


If you are interested in speaking with Suzette you can contact her by email: 

Laura Charles

Laura is passionate in helping women create healthy relationships. Her love for people has steered her into wanting to help women heal themselves and find inner peace. Her vision is to empower women to make informed choices using their intuition.

Laura believes a good relationship with self is fundamental in all aspects of life. She teaches women the art of self – love through spirituality, the law of attraction, affirmations, and healthy eating.


In 2018, Laura completed the EMCC Foundation practical coaching skills programme and now coaches’ women in her trust, with well-being, and leadership. 

Laura has worked for the NHS for 17 years as a Senior Clinical Coder.  Her passion for Equality & Diversity led her into becoming the Vice Chair of her staff network Black Asian Ethnic Minority.  She works very closely with Senior Executives to provide equity for staff who are marginalised.


More than 20 years ago Laura started her journey of self-discovery. Her promise to the universe was to help anyone who was seeking to know thyself to experience the abundance of what life has to offer.

Laura has been married for 36 years to her husband David and they have 4 adult sons.  

If you are interested in speaking with Laura you can contact her by email: 

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