15th May 2020, 8 PM UK Time



Hosted By Tony DADA

We all see the world has changed forever but has your MINDSET changed? 


Are you still operating with an old MINDSET or have you made use of some quiet time to be still and reSET your MIND?


Due to the overwhelming response from MINDreSET Part 1, join us for Part 2 of our MINDreSET Webinar with Tony DADA. Together with his guests Serah Lister and Laura Charles, they will expand on their personal stories and why the process of going through a MINDreSET is the SINGLE most important thing you must do now if you are to not only survive but thrive in the coming months and years to come.

Why Attend This Online Event?

Personal Growth

Learn how with a MINDreSET you can go on to become UNSTOPPABLE. I went from Homeless to creating a property portfolio of just under £1 million using the Law of attraction and Think & Grow Rich universal Laws and principles. Whilst raising 2 children as a single father and running a business.

Professional Growth

Learn how you can be SORT AFTER  with a MINDreSET. I was approached by one of the biggest Colleges in South London resulting in being invited to run a department with a £0.5million  budget even though I had no previous experience. 

Entrepreneurial Growth

Learn how with a MINDreSET you can go on to become ATTRACTIVE TO INVESTORS. I raised close to £2 million pounds in funding, sponsorship and support in kind from companies like Apple, The British Army, The Home Office, The Mayors Office, Channel 4, The Arts Council, Universal Music and NatWest bank to name a few.

Laura Charles 


Laura is a graduate from the MINDreSET & Grow Personal Success (GPS) Holistic programme who is now living her definition of personal success. She expressed that she may have used situations in her life as an excuse not to pursue her visions and goals, but not anymore 

Serah Lister


Serah is an advocate of the Grow Personals Success (GPS)  book and holistic mentoring programme . In the webinar Serah describes how you can perceive someone or a situation incorrectly based on the type of mindset that you have. 

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