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Mind, Body & Soul

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Tony Biola DADA

Conscious Creative Social Entrepreneur

Our mind is constantly absorbing new information from the moment we are born. Coming from a variety of different stimuli  including parents, family, school, college, University and employers.


The question is do they all provide us with accurate, quality  information that will aid our growth. Of course the answer is no which means sometimes we need to do a "Mind Reset" so we can cleanse the mind fee of all that which does not support or mental well being.


What You will learn on the day:

  • What is the Mind?
  • Is the Mind the brain or the white substance in the skull?
  • Where is the mind of man and how does it work?
  • How does the mind make or un-make you?
  • Why mind instability is resulting in suicide being the biggest killer of men under 45 here in the UK?
  • What is the "Mind Reset  Programme"and how this tool can be used to bring increased clarity in the 5 key areas of your life resulting in a better quality of life in your Physical, Relational, Spiritual, Mental and Financial Life?

Testimonials From

Khalilah Ismaiel
Grow Personal Success Ambassador

Educational Practitioner

Khalilah will tell her story - Dying to live and how the Holistic Grow Personal Success Coaching Programme has enabled her to completely change her mindset from a poverty mindset to a prosperous mindset.  

Patricia Lewis
Grow Personal Success Graduate

The Grow Personal Success programme allowed me to distinguish clarity over confusion. This programme helped me to shift my thinking by re-setting my mind.


Charles Roswess

Director of Ankh Rah LTD

Nutritionist Gain a Healthy Lifestyle Through Diet, Nutrition & Exercise

Ankh Rah Ltd is  a company that supplies high-quality natural nutritional supplements.


Charles chose this industry after being let down by the GP and health specialist who wanted him to accept a condition for life. After going down the holistic route managed to find a remedy for his condition. 

Ankh Rah was started and since, won multiple awards and receiving many 5-star reviews. Charles has also since then healed himself from a hernia without the operation offered by hospitals.


Herald Bradnock - Aka 'The Angel'

Director of Reishore Marketing
Motivational Speaker, Business, Health & Wellness Consultant

Products for pain relief and products that benefits the everyday customer AKA The Angel

Reishore Marketing – Deals with products and services that benefits the everyday customer and those who are in business. By Saving, Earning and Educating.

Herald – Spent  Over 20 years in Personal development and was trained as a motivational speaker in the US by the Great Les Brown. Spent a great number of years in networking and affiliate marketing.

 Herald found his passion in speaking and healthy cooking and eating. He went to the US and met up with Living Superfood Creator, Chef Keidi Awadu. Now Herald also runs Healthy Living Superfood Raw Cooking Classes. 

He has a great passion for supporting the community, which has led him to his current venture Voxx Life Wearable Neurotech Products which improves balance, gives you more power and strength, increases range of motion and improves at least 90% of Pain relief! Great Product for Everyone!

Our Motto is :  To helps you to Save – Earn – Educate

Be Healthy, Happy & Reach out to the Community.



Bro Ishmael Tetteh

Spiritual Teacher

The Soul is constituted of your Mind, Feelings and Body that is animated by your Spirit. In other words, when Spirit is identified with Mind Feeling and Body, it is called a Soul.


Your soul is the medium through which your Spirit expresses its infinite potentials. With the knowledge of the Soul you own the secret to unleash your potentials.


Your Takeaway Values:

  • Wealth is not in material resources but in the resources of the soul.
  • A fulfilled soul is a fulfilled life.
  • Awakened to Soul-Magnetism, you are able to tap into the Potential Field of the Universe and to download it through you.
  • Life is about Inner Riches that gives fulfilment.
  • Empty your pockets into your mind then surrender your mind into your spirit; and your spirit will feed your mind that will enrich your pockets for an amazing prosperous life.
  • Every possibility comes from within. Ignite the possibility flames of your soul to create your ideal cosmic life.
  • Wealth minus health is equal to inheritance; and an abundant wealthy life without a soul is zombie living. Live a Full Life that is powered by your soul.

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1.00 PM - 3.00 PM

Part 1 - MIND

Host Tony Dada: Grow Personal Success (GPS) through a Mind Reset


Grow Personal Success Stories

Khalilah Ishmael - GPS Ambassador

Patricia Lewis - GPS Graduate


3.00 PM - 3.20 PM


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Part 2 - BODY

Charles Roswess

Herald Bradnock

4.05 PM - 4.25 PM



4.30 PM - 6.00 PM

Part 3 - SOUL

Bro Ishmael Tetteh



6.00 PM - 6.45 PM

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Closing Remarks from Tony DADA

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